I'd like to introduce you to Mr. Hyde....

My alter-ego is complaining that she doesn't get to go outside like Tyrone, Ramone and now Katla get to. She's also adamantly opposed to copying people, so I think her desire for self-actualization won out over her professed interest in intellectual honesty.

She would rather be uniquely wrong than boringly correct. Which results in each of her blog posts being a rehash of every single complaint that's been made about humanity for the last 3000 years. She's self-righteous, cynical and tends to overreact. A lot of my posts should have been made as Boudicca, simply because I sound more nasty in print than I actually am. Or according to Boudicca because I'm a complete coward, afraid to confess to socially undesirable beliefs. She's also probably deeply in love with Tyrone, but I haven't asked her -- we don't have that sort of friendship.

Her world-view is totally skewed so any insights she has are obscured by her warped personality.
Here's hoping that she'll shut up:

"People are hopelessly confused about life and the universe; most come to terms with their complete and utter ignorance, except for the rare few that manage to befuddle themselves into thinking that they understand a small section of it.

They are so deluded as to believe that only they have consistent beliefs and with ineffable hypocrisy decide that they should be allowed to rule the world, simply because they think about things... the nerve. Of course they don't rule the world, power-hungry sociopaths rule the world. The title is usually hereditary; I can visualize a long, distinguished line of autocratic brats being groomed for the throne and macerating the world under their prepubescent greasy thumbs.

This social order is quite predictable given that human rhetoric almost never is in agreement with our actual desires. Our ideas -- accrued over the millenia of adaptation to the cruel psycho-social realities of this world -- become outmoded more quickly than we can develop new rationalizations for our behavior. Maybe deep down, we're all sociopaths ,we're just not smart enough to always get our way.
We try to distance ourselves from these embarrassing beliefs, either by deceiving ourselves or explicitly lying. In an added layer of honesty, we do talk about these beliefs, but generally add suitable disclaimers, possibly even creating an imaginary personality for people to spend their ire on. Which shows us to be complex, urbane and considerate, while remaining uncontroversial and still in agreement with the majority (whatever our chosen in-group is.)

Were I not the cognitive minority, I would have no need of this crude dissociative element. I am delighted to be an outsider. Not because it gives me a feeling of superiority and not because it lessens any responsibility that I might incur from belonging to a group. It's simply because I don't have to worry about clouding my beliefs in a respectable miasma of jargon and politeness. We would all be better off with more honesty in the world."