I have the right to disagree

Overcoming Bias on how it's free hearing not free speech. I disagree, but obviously my forum is.. limited. Illustrating my point.

Free speech is not simply a status-marker; the only thing it actually "marks" is the citizens' membership of an enlightened society.
The ability to speak does not mean that you are guaranteed listeners (that would be the status-marker in my opinion,) but it does provide some protection from the tyranny of the majority. "I should be able to speak my mind, even if no one in the world wants to listen to me." Perhaps, this explains the popularity of blogs.
It's perfectly rational to want to explain how you are right; even if your reasons for believing you are right are irrational. Sensible people realize that: if they are allowed to express themselves, others should be too. Otherwise, the whole construct wouldn't last very long.
Insert appropriate non-Voltaire quote. Even if the idealist rhetoric doesn't directly map onto reality, the end result is generally good.

Not everything is an absurd human power-signalling method.